Christian education Team:  Sherry Fisher

                                            Joyce Beckemeyer

                                            Vicky Foster

                                            Mike Grawe

                                            Hayley Fisher


Deacons: Jeff Grawe

                 Carloyn Grawe

                 Galen Thurston

                 Judy Thurston


Pastoral Relations:  Galen Thurston

                                Judy Thurston

                                 Martha Sinclair

                                 Jan Laws

                                 David Koch


Finance Committee: Jeff Grawe

                                  Cheryl Grawe

                                  Ken Kauling

                                  Billie Conrad


Building & Grounds: Matt Fisher

                                  Ken Kauling

                                  Larry Beckemeyer


Scholarship Committee: Martha Sinclair

                                        Sherry Fisher

                                        Joyce Beckemeyer

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