The Gospel lessons from Matthew the last couple of weeks told of Jesus being approached by the religious teachers of the day questionion his authority since Jesus teaching did not seem to follow the discipline of God's Las as they had defined it. Pastor Ken Schafer will turn to Paul's letter to the Philippians in chapter 3, verses 1-14 as Paul had realized for himself that following the letter of the Law was not the same as following the Spirit of the Law. Paul had found much joy in following the Spirit over fretting of "correctness" of following rules. To walk in the Spirit, one must have a relationship with Jesus, Knowing in what way Jesus would react in certain situations. All are invited to hear the message, "Law vs. Spirit" at the 9 am worship service at Imannuel UCC located at 1970 Clinton Street, Carlyle. The pastor will also give a "Young at Heart" message and the choir will be singing "He" as we proclaim the wonderful grace of God. Attendees are invited to bring a canned food or personal care item(s) to be donated to the Matthew 25 Food Pantry as an offering to the community.


     Other Activities: Sundays after worship-viewing of the "Bible Project" as we discuss the plan of salvation for God's people as outlined throughout the Bible.

      Wednesdays - 5 pm Bible Study on Galatians as Paul writes to the churches to Correct them from following a distorted Gospel message; 6 pm choir Practice.


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