This coming Sunday, April 14, is Palm/Passion Sunday.  The palms
signify the rejoicing of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem for what we know,
was his final time.  Jesus had undoubtedly made several trips before
to Jerusalem to celebrate the various festivals and to pay homage at
the Temple.  But this time was different.  Great crowds gathered to
welcome Him into the city for they were looking for a change from the
oppression they have been experiencing--a Savior.  Did they understand
what that meant?  The Old Testament prophets had been dropping clues
about what the Messiah would portray.  To them, the One anointed by
God would be a great warrior.  What they missed was that God was
always calling for a "change in heart", not military victories.
Pastor Ken Schafer will turn to Isaiah chapter 50 to help us gain some
understanding as true characteristics of "God's Servant", the One to
lead His people into a new Way of life.  All are invited to join us
for worship at Immanuel United Church of Christ to hear the message,
"The Obedient One".  We will also be reading of Jesus' journey into
Jerusalem from Luke 19 and enjoy the song, "The Palms" by the choir.
Worship begins at 10am at the church located at 1970 Clinton Street in

     ALL are invited to worship with us!

 Attendees are asked to bring in personal care or canned food item(s) to supplement donations for the Clinton County Matthew 25 Food Pantry.





  April 14, Palm Sunday; Thursday, April 18, Maundy

Sunday, April 21, EASTER!  We celebrate the RISEN Christ.  Join us for a community "Sonrise" service at the Assembly of God church of Carlyle on Old 50 at 6:30 am.  Father George Mauk is to address the congregation and various pastors of the community will be taking part in worship.

 A special offering will go to the Clinton County Ministerial Assoc. to assist in the needs of the community.  At 10 am at Immanuel UCC, we will celebrate the Risen Christ.

 Thursday fellowship and Communion; Friday, April 19, Good Friday  worship at 6pm; Sunday, 10am worship at Immanuel.





Holy Week activities:No activities on Wednesday.  Thursday, April 18, we gather for food and fellowship at 6pm to celebrate Maundy Thursday, recognizing when Jesus met with his disciples before His trial and crucifixion and instituted "The Lord's Supper" as we remember His sacrifice to make possible, our return into God's fellowship.  As a part of our devotions, we will have special music and Communion.
Friday, April 19, Good Friday remembrance.  For this special service at 6pm, we intend to read various scriptures telling of Jesus' trial and death and hear testimonies of characters of Jesus' time portrayed by various church members.  Though this seems to be a somber type of service, it is important for us to recognize the seriousness of sin and the sacrifice necessary for redemption.

Check out our web page or on Facebook for more details .We at Immanuel believe in true Bible teaching as we see Christ as the head of our church. ALL are welcome!

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